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  • Sunday, November 26, 2017

    2 Best Times to Buy a New Car

    2 Best Times to Buy a New Car

    A car is a necessity for everyone, especially for those who are actively moving. Before buying a new car or replacing our old one, we should consider that is it the right time to buy? Because sometimes someone buy a new car just because of following the trend or to raise their prestige.

    In fact, buying a new car should be based on the needs, not because of the spending desire, especially if we want to boast. There are a few good moments for us to buy a new car. So when? Here are the 2 best time to buy a new car.

    The first is when we already have enough money to buy a new car. Obviously this is an absolute requirement. If we don't have the cash to buy a new car then simply collect a Down Payment of at least 20% of the price of the car.

    And the second is at the end month of the year, because the dealers have not pursued the consumer at the beginning months and they will do that before the closing of the year. You will also be offered a lot of programs especially discount.

    Well, taking advantage of year-end discounts to buy a new car is the right thing. Generally, each dealer throws each other promos to seize consumer interest.

    There are dealers who offer discount promos for down payment, free merchandise or small installments.

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