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  • Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    7 things to consider Before Buying a New Car

    7 things to consider Before Buying a New Car

    A car could be the second most expensive item after our home. So before buying it, we should prepare it carefully.

    Here are the 7 things to consider Before Buying a New Car :

    1. Set a budget
    Choose a car according to out financial condition. This is important so that we won't be dizzy in the future because of the burden of monthly credit in a long period. It will also help us more easily negotiate with salespeople in the dealers. Don't forget to allocate about 20% of our monthly income to pay installments, fuel, maintenance and repairs.

    2. Make a list of cars to choose.
    Maybe we've seen a lot of cars that we want to buy on the road. But it is necessary to research them through each manufacturer's websites, including prices, features and other details. Also we need to consider that the car we want to buy is worth about five percent lower than your budget, so we can set aside to pay the insurance.

    3. Recalculate all our expenses
    Once we have a list of cars we want to buy, have enough budget, then recalculate all our expenses.

    Starting from the fuel we spend, how far we drive per year, how much insurance costs we need.

    4. Get the best offer
    The promotions offered by car manufacturers may not be the best. Includes offer of 0 percent interest or low interest rate because only 10 percent of potential customers can get 0 percent interest.

    So be diligent to find the best interest rate information so that we can decide in which dealers we will buy it.

    5. Collect all discount information offered
    Many car manufacturers often advertise discounts and cash-backs for new cars to reduce their stocks. There are also discounts given directly to buyers, such as shopping vouchers, free membership of sports clubs or other, and free credit card ownership.
    Before we decide, collect as much information as possible through the manufacturer's pages about the discount offered.

    6. Take time to test drive
    Before deciding to buy, take a time to test drive at the dealers. We should do so for some brands that we want for comparison.
    Take the opportunity to exploit the ability of the dream car, ranging from engine performance, transmission, suspension, features and more.

    7. Negotiation
    After the test drive, and we are ready to buy, remember the amount of discount we've researched earlier.

    When negotiating with the dealer, make sure we know the price of the car either via online or other. So we can know if we are offered the same price.

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