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  • Thursday, December 7, 2017

    5 Things to Get Maximum Benefit from a Test Drive

    5 Things to Get Maximum Benefit from a Test Drive

    Trying a new car at a dealer or so-called test drive is one of the services provided by a car dealer before we make sure to buy it. Take advantage of this facility to know the specification and capacity of the car.

    Then how to maximize the benefits of a test-drive offered by a dealer? Here are the 5 Things to Get Maximum Benefit from a Test Drive. And of course it is not only driving around the dealer for fifteen minutes.

    1. wear the seat belt and feel whether it feels comfortable. Check the rearview mirror and the ease to adjust its position. And look around to check for visibility. Also check a simple thing but potentially annoying like the back of the seat is too high making it difficult to back off. Also check if we can press the pedal to the floor of the car while keeping a safe distance from the steering wheel (25 cm). if not, consider power seat.

    2. It's time to start the engine. We need concentration and all the judgments, not just circling around the showroom. Drive the car to the toll road to test how much power the car to overtake. whether the transmission system continues to work efficiently, smooth and accurate steering. Try also to park the car in various positions. Check the blind spot and the maximum turning radius.

    3. To facilitate the checking process, create a check list of test drive items. A test like this takes several hours. Maybe the sales person will be surly, just ignore it because we spend a lot of money and this car will accompany us for years. So be relaxed but serious. If sales person urges us to be faster, explain our position and if it doesn't work, contact the manager. If it doesn't work either, move to another dealer.

    4. Dealers usually give us about 30 minutes to test drive and it's reasonable if they worry if we don't come back in a few hours. Check the car carefully but don't be abused. Forbid children to step on chairs, don't bring drinks because of risk of spill. Don't take advantage of the dealers by trying out a racing car that can't possibly be bought.

    5. What to watch for when the test drive is acceleration, the sound of acceleration engine when overtaking, power when driving on the uphill road, braking, steering, cornering, suspense, seat comfort and ergonomics, rattling, cargo space, visibility and entertainment system.

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